While there are many over-the-counter treatments available for dry eyes, it’s wise to see an eye doctor to evaluate the cause of the condition and prescribe the correct treatment.

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) poses a diagnostic and treatment challenge. Causes of DES may overlap or coincide with varying degrees of severity and differing clinical symptoms.

Eye doctors have historically had to rely on using a combination of subjective observational clinical tests for dry eyes. The Schirmer Test uses a tiny strip of paper placed on the edge of the lower eyelids to measure the moisture output of the eye. Doctors may also use dyes to see how much the surface of the eye has been affected by dryness.

These tests have generally provided very subjective and inconsistent results.

ATD now makes an FDA cleared test available to your eye doctor that is objective, simple, rapid and accurate.

The ability to access objective lab data represents a significant advance in ocular diagnostics and allows for more accurate diagnoses, assists in diagnostic differentiation (Aqueous Deficiency vs. Evaporative Disorder) and the management of appropriate treatment.